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Bring the floral club to your home

Hazel Ivy brings the bloom-fest to you with private, in-home floral design workshops




Share your love of flowers with your friends in your own private floral design "master class".  Our private, in-home workshops are a blast.  Led by a Hazel Ivy designer, you can pop the cork with friends while learning to create a beautiful arrangement.  We'll provide you with the vessels, tools and flowers to make arrangements you never thought possible!

Design sessions are typically 1.5 - 2 hours, but we can customize your experience to fit your party plans. Click below to send us an inquiry and to reserve a date.

Pricing is $80 per person.



Hosting an upcoming big event or looking to do your own wedding flowers?  We've got you covered with our events and bridal workshops.  In these private, in-home events, our designer will work with you to teach you all of the basics and work beside you to create beautiful tablescapes and bouquets to make your event spectacular.  Invite your friends or bridesmaids to make the evening special and memorable.  Click below to send us an inquiry and design consult.

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