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Designing Elevated Arrangements

I often get asked how to fill a room with colorful blooms, while still keeping the tables clean and simple. Elevated floral arrangements are great way to give visual depth while keeping your table clean and open for conversations and family style dining. You don't have to be a master of welding or spend a ton of money on elaborate structures to accomplish this look either. Here's a simple way to elevate your designs!

Using large glass cylinders at least 23 inches high, fill them with water or sand (depending on your vibe) to keep them from toppling over. Then find a small dish that will fit on top of the cylinders. Using wet floral foam and water proof tape, attach the foam to the dish. Next, you'll want to set the perimeters of your design with 9 flowers (1 for each side, the top and all four corners). Make sure as you insert the stems into the foam that they are all at the same distance from the foam. These "guide" flowers will create your perimeter, and as you insert your remaining flowers, be sure to use the guide flowers as a judgement of depth. Continue inserting stems, making sure to include some draping elements (larkspur and greenery are great here) to cover the dish and the foam completely.

And viola! With about 30-35 stems each (depending on how large you want them), you will have made elevated arrangements that are simple and elegant!

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