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Fall Floral Design Trends

It still feels like triple digits outside, yet Pumpkin Spice is rearing its ugly head already so I know that fall will be here soon. New fall floral color palettes and flower varieties will be here any minute, so let's look at a few trends you are sure to see more of this season.

Color Palettes: Expect to see caramels, coppers, dusty rose (yep, it's back!), bronze, burgundy and mustard yellows. Gold-tones are also still very chic for the season, as are deep greens and olive tones. Color layering is important to create a depth of color and tone in your floral arrangement and don't be afraid to combine colors that you might not otherwise put together!

Dried Elements: Fall is perfect for pulling dried elements into your wedding bouquet or floral centerpieces. Dried seed pods come in a variety of sizes and shades from deep walnut to light pine, natural bird's feathers offer an airy swagger (I beg you not to use died ones), and cattails offer a strong line to design around. But my favorite dried element to include in a fall flower arrangement is foliage that has already begun to change color - oak and maple leaves are perfect additions!

Fall Flower Varietals: As we sadly say goodbye to our beloved summer peonies, we get to welcome in Dahlias, Zinnias, Scabiosas, and Chrysanthemums. We can still enjoy antiqued Hydrangea, Yarrow and Roses year round because there are so many shades to choose from. Some of the rose varieties that I love for fall include Cappuccino, Yellow Mustard, Terracotta, Moab, and Caramel Antike.

Texture: Texture is always a key element in floral design. During fall, we look to incorporate branches, berry sprigs, suede textured amaranthus, and yellow yarrow. For weddings, a light dusting of gold paint on foliage also offers a visual interest that can't be beat! And don't forget that the incorporating fruit in your designs isn't just a summertime fad either...grapes, pears and figs provide beautiful design elements to fall floral designs.

So, as you pack away some of your summer favorites, I hope we've given you a thing or two to look forward to seeing this fall. Whether you are a fall bride or hosting fall celebrations this year, Hazel Ivy Botanicals has you covered!
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